Removing boundaries for talent

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At HRx, we build practical solutions to enable social equity.  

We are a Vancouver social-tech firm. We use technology to provide services and solutions to interrupt unconscious bias in the workplace.

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We make HR fair and efficient

Unconscious bias is limiting organizational diversity

Unconscious bias in traditional HR processes impacts a company’s ability to build and retain a diverse workforce. Many companies are unable to identify where the bias lies within their processes and make meaningful change.

Addressing unconscious bias in the workplace is a key business priority

When surveying hundreds of companies in North America and Europe, more than 78% reported efforts to address unconscious bias in their people practices. 

Workplace diversity practices from the 1960s aren’t working

Traditional approaches focus on training to eliminate human biases – this is not possible. Diversity training alone has shown to have limited, and in some cases negative, impact in the average workplace. Millions of dollars a year are spent while attitudes and diversity of the organizations remain the same.


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