HRx is a Vancouver-based firm that provides training, consulting and data analytics solutions to enable diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Managing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.

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People Analytics

We offer analytics to companies that want to draw meaningful insights into their people operations and HR practices. Forward thinking companies know the importance of collecting and analyzing data to identify barriers, design practical solutions and measure impact.


Analytics as a Service

We offer analytics-as-a-service, which means we access your raw data and deliver the analytics and dashboards you need. This eliminates concerns over in-house complex IT infrastructure, fragmented data and the need for dedicated resources.


Progressive Analytics

As a leader in designing solutions for inclusive people practices, we offer traditional people analytics with an added lens of diversity, highlighting areas such as gender, age, sexual orientation.


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A few of our commonly requested people analytics services include:


Inclusion Surveys

Inclusion surveys can offer a helpful roadmap at the early stage of your diversity and inclusion program. They help to diagnose the current state, collect information to support assumptions, and take meaningful, data-informed action.

Pay Equity Analysis

Pay equity analysis uses statistical modelling, to calculate pay disparities between employees and employee groups. In this process, outliers for pay adjustments are identified as well as opportunities for systemic changes.

Employee Census

An employee census provides a statistically validated view of the demographics of an organization. The data is collected directly from employees to better understand how they identify by a wide variety of characteristics.

Data Dashboards

We remove the burden of spreadsheets and connect all your people data. We access your raw data - from any of your system(s) – and deliver the visual dashboards you need to draw meaningful insights aligned with business priorities.

Making Sense of Messy Data

It’s common for HR leaders and practitioners to shy away from analytics because the thought of compiling their messy and incomplete data is beyond overwhelming. Don’t let this stop you! Our predictive analytics can analyze structured and unstructured data and fill in gaps as needed. We also provide guidance on how to improve your data collection processes to ensure you are collecting the necessary inputs in a clean and simple way. Rest assured, your data is protected at every step of the way.

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Efficient and Cost-Effective Model

No more messing around in spreadsheets. We simply access your raw data - from any system - and deliver the analytics and dashboards you need. HRx’s analytics-as-a-service team of HR professionals, data scientists and technology experts are able to efficiently extract, cleanse, analyze and report on your data in a clear visual way. The best part? After initial set up there is little manual work required and your team has continuous access on up to date people data. Spend your time where it matters most…on HR