Understanding and Promoting Growth Mindset

Mindset impacts a person’s view of themselves and others, affecting our behaviors in the workplace. As a result, it is closely linked to a leader’s ability to unlock the potential of themselves, their teams and their employees. Understanding that we can shift our mindset helps to foster a diversity and inclusion by thinking outside the box of negative stereotypes that impact underrepresented groups.

Session Outcomes:

  • Participants learn what growth mindset is and its role in unleashing individual and team potential.

  • Participants acknowledge their own mindset and the ways it can impact our organization’s practices, culture and productivity.

  • Participants learn practical tools and strategies to promote growth mindset in ourselves and our teams.

Coure Outline:

  1. Understanding Growth Mindset:

    Introduction to growth mindset (growth mindset vs. fixed mindset) and the role it plays in building diverse, inclusive and high-performing teams.


  2. Our Mindset and its Impact:

    Individuals identify their prominent mindset using relevant scenarios and reflection questions.

    Highlight how our mindset (fixed and growth) impacts an organization and its employees – both positive and negative.


  3. Strategies to Promote Growth Mindset:

    Present strategies to promote a growth mindset by identifying when you are working from you a fixed mindset and a framework to shift your mindset. 

*the course outline provides a framework and high-level explanation of the material that will be covered in the session. The discussion and focus of the material will shift to meet each organization’s unique culture and learning objectives.

Our Facilitators


Kathy Andrews

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Sofia Arisheh

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Wyle Baoween