Building an Inclusive Culture

Failure to build an inclusive culture means that employees who feel they don’t belong often leave or cover up their differences. This drives talent away, normalizes discrimination and stifles innovation. Employees that feel safe bring their best selves to work. Leaders trained in how to build and sustain a culture of belonging can turn diversity into a strategic business advantage.

Session Outcomes:

  • Participants will have an increased understanding of what it means to be an inclusive leader and lead an inclusive organization, with reference to industry peers.

  • Participants understand the business case for building a more inclusive work environment and the bottom-line impact that is driving their D&I agenda.

  • Participants define their current and desired state for D&I within their organization, including a high-level understanding of the strategic priorities required to enhance productivity and organizational effectiveness.

Coure Outline:

  1. Understanding Inclusive Culture:

    Introduction and definition of inclusion, diversity and equity and its role on people, teams and performance.

    Understanding the business case (research and practical examples) for an inclusive workplace (e.g. talent attraction and retention, employee engagement, innovation, customer focus, social license) – unique to each organization.


  2. Inclusivity – Traits and Tools:

    Learn the traits of an inclusive leader – how to identify inclusion triggers and leverage strengths of making people feel included.

    Learn and practice tools to create a culture of collaboration and facilitate dialogue in an inclusive way.


  3. Reflection – Inclusivity at Work:

    Apply learnings to our workplace and analyze the potential impact on our organizational culture.

*the course outline provides a framework and high-level explanation of the material that will be covered in the session. The discussion and focus of the material will shift to meet each organization’s unique culture and learning objectives.

Our Facilitators


Kathy Andrews

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Sofia Arisheh

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