Intercultural Management and Communication

In this increasingly diverse culture, it is becoming essential for us to develop our ability to engage effectively across cultures and enhance our communication skills. This will better enable us to build more inclusive organizations and capitalize on the diversity of our teams.

This training provides opportunity to increase our cross-cultural management and communication skills and cultivate our intercultural intelligence.

Session Outcomes:

  • Participants understand the concept of cultures beyond ethnicity and countries of origin, and how different social groups posses unique styles of communication, thinking and leadership.

  • Participants acknowledge their own style of communication and leadership, and its impact on their decisions and preferences.

  • Participants learn tools and techniques to increase their intercultural intelligence and communicate and manage effectively across cultures.

Coure Outline:

  1. The concept of cultures:

    Introduction to the concept of cultures - how different social groups have their unique style of communication, thinking and leadership.


  2. Cultural differences:

    The impact of cultural differences on the way we interact and work with each other. Examine specific cases of how this plays in our delay life and use our own experiences to gain better understanding of the concept.


  3. Cultural intelligence:

    Define the concept of cultural intelligence and the benefits of developing our own intercultural competencies.

    Present and practice frameworks and tools to increase cultural intelligence and better work and manage employees from diverse backgrounds.

*the course outline provides a framework and high-level explanation of the material that will be covered in the session. The discussion and focus of the material will shift to meet each organization’s unique culture and learning objectives.

Our Facilitators


Kathy Andrews

Sofia Arisheh.png

Sofia Arisheh

Wyle Facilitator.png

Wyle Baoween