Our team

We are a group of business, diversity, HR and tech professionals, dedicated to disrupting HR as we know it.

We believe it's time people practices became a fair game and that employers stop missing out on top talent because of a person's gender, age, race or background.

 Wyle Baoween, CEO and co-fournder

Wyle Baoween, CEO and co-fournder


Our story

When Wyle Baoween, HRx CEO, welcomed a daughter to the world, family and friends warned him not to give her an 'unfamiliar' name. They said it would make it harder for her to access opportunities later in life. 

It's an experience Wyle, originally from Yemen, is familiar with. As an Engineer, having graduated top of his MBA class at UVic, Wyle was keen to find a meaningful job. But like many new immigrants with 'unfamiliar' names and educational histories, Wyle made hundreds of applications before he was offered an interview. 

When he landed a role project managing HR system implementations, Wyle saw things from the other side- the systemic biases built into HR practices, and the pressure managers face, increasing their need to rely on biased 'experience' to make hiring, evaluation and promotional decisions. 

Determined to make a difference, Wyle co-founded HRx with the goal of removing barriers for talent and providing organizations with practical tools to address bias in the workplace.