HRx is a Vancouver-based firm that provides training, consulting and technology solutions to enable diversity and inclusion in the workplace

HRx offers practical solutions to build diverse and inclusive organizations

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Assessments & Consulting

We partner with organizations to develop practical solutions for diversity and inclusion. We use models and analytics to identify an organization’s current and desired state. Through this process, leaders understand their unique business drivers for diversity and inclusion and together, working as an extension of our clients’ teams, we design strategies that produce measurable impact.


Current State Audit

In this audit, the company’s current state for D&I is defined using industry benchmarks and frameworks. Understanding the current state is a key step in narrowing the scope for D&I efforts; it ensures a company is focused on the right initiatives at the right time which maximizes resources. Understanding the current state is also a critical piece to get leadership buy-in around the case for change; this is particularly important where there are varying levels of awareness and support.

Strategy and Plan

A systematic and coordinated approach ensures you are tackling the right issues at the right time. Foresight into the transitions that organizations, teams and individuals face on the diversity and inclusion journey also equips leaders to better champion this effort. Developing a strategy and plan based on the current state audit ensures the organization is tailoring its approach to diversity and inclusion based on the feedback and data gathered from its people and systems.

Systemic Changes

We support our partners in implementing their diversity and inclusion plans by empowering systemic changes in people processes such as recruitment, promotions, pay and succession planning. We also support systemic changes in Operations, Marketing, Sales and other services our partners are providing to their customers. Our approach is data-driven to identify the barriers for diversity and inclusion and the best change to be implemented.


Training & Workshops

We provide diversity and inclusion training for executives, people managers and employees. Training enhances the knowledge, skills and tools our teams need to build and sustain a more inclusive, respectful and productive workplace. We offer a suite of practical, action-oriented programs customized to your organizational needs.


Unconscious Bias

Understanding what implicit bias is and how it impacts our decisions is key to fostering more inclusive and intercultural workplaces, practices and leadership. This session focuses on the implicit attitudes or stereotypes that shape how we engage others and make decisions in the workplace.

Inclusive Leadership

Failure to demonstrate inclusivity at any level of leadership means that employees who feel they don’t belong often leave or cover up their differences. This drives talent away and normalizes discrimination. Conversely, leaders trained in how to build and sustain an inclusive workplace can turn diversity into a strategic business advantage.

Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is a belief that talent can be developed. Organizations and leaders with a growth mindset tend to achieve more and outperform those with a fixed mindset because they worry less about looking smart and invest more energy in continuous improvement. A growth mindset is crucial for leading diverse teams.

Respectful Workplace

A respectful workplace supports the psychological and social well-being of all employees in an organization. It not only creates a positive organizational culture where employees are valued, but also addresses conflicts in a constructive and professional manner.

Becoming an Ally

Being an ally requires an understanding of how to support greater equity for underrepresented or marginalized groups, while also acknowledging that previous efforts may have resulted in majority groups feeling displaced and unwelcome. Empowering leaders with the language to have these conversations disrupts resentment.

Intercultural Communication

Inclusive leaders need to understand the complex difficulties of managing more diverse and inclusive organizations and/or teams, the intercultural afterthought, and what is required to convert a team’s diversity into innovation. This training discuss the impact of cultural differences and what’s required to developing Intercultural Fluency.

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Tech & Analytics

We are the leading developer of technology to empower diversity and inclusion in organizations. Our innovative technologies provide a systematic and data-driven approach to identifying and disrupting bias in organizational processes and building inclusive organizations.


HRx Analytics

We build analytics to analyze an organization's HR data and provide visualization about employee recruitment, retention and pay trends. This quantitative assessment relies on data science techniques to cleanse, classify, and resample information to identify barriers facing underrepresented groups.

HRx Lab

We partner with universities, government and NGOs to research and develop technologies to challenge bias and discrimination in the workplace. We use analytics, deep data and machine learning tools to find innovative ways for technology to advance diversity and inclusion.